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Make Your Dog a Lifelong Companion!

Nakama Dog Training uses force-free, science-based methods to help you and your dog build and maintain a healthy, happy relationship, with emphasis on balancing your dog's need to practice natural behaviors while also behaving politely in the human world.

With Nakama Dog Training, you know you and your dog will be treated with respect, compassion and understanding. Each session will be designed to keep everyone as relaxed, happy and safe as possible, while also learning and having fun doing it!  

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Serving Aloha, Beaverton, Hillsboro, Lake Oswego, North Plains, Portland, Tigard, Tualatin and West Linn.

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Training Programs

How to Dog

Virtual Consultations

All of the skills your puppy or new dog needs to start off on the right foot!

Train with me from anywhere in the world!

Enjoy the Walk

Loose-leash skills so everyone enjoys a walk.

The Art of Down Time

Teach your dog how to relax and enjoy some down time.

Walk and Chill

Leash manners and relaxation skills for a calm dog indoors and outdoors.

 NEW! Day Training

Is life getting in the way of training your dog? Let me work with them for you!

Let's Be Friends!

For dogs struggling with fearful or aggressive behavior.

Training Walks

A one-on-one walk while practicing loose-leash walking skills.

Individual Sessions

For those who need a refresher or help with one specific behavior.  You can also design your own unique training program!


Meet Your Trainer

Hayley Martinez is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer-Knowledge Assessed (CPDT-KA) , as well as a Fear Free Certified Trainer & a co-founder of Force Free Oregon. She has completed Michael Shikashio's master course for Aggression in Dogs. She most recently was voted as one of the top trainers in Portland and Oregon.

Hayley has been working with dogs

professionally since 2005, when she started her own neighborhood pet-sitting business. Since then, she has worked with dogs in doggie daycares, pet stores, veterinary clinics, animal shelters and in training classes and private sessions under three different trainers before starting her own business in 2016.

Hayley currently lives in Beaverton, OR with her husband Omar, her cat Naya and her Chihuahua mix Kylo. 

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What People Say About Nakama Dog Training


"Hayley is a highly qualified, experienced & conscientious certified trainer who has been hired by several of our adopters & a great resource for our rescue. SSDR screens all trainers for our approved trainer list & Hayley is a standout in the field of positive training in the Portland vicinity."

--Street Savvy Dog Rescue


"Patient, experienced and kind. We have hired Hayley for our various rescue dogs and have had awesome results."
--SOS Lost Pet Rescue NW


"..I'll start with the fact that Hayley is an absolutely fantastic human...she is a deep listener who seeks to understand the issues that you're facing with your pup & how that's impacting your well-being. She's also incredibly supportive & her training style is consistent & effective. The things I have learned with Hayley...are staples for me now.

--Grace A.

sleepy puppy

"You can definitely trust Hayley with your furry babies. She is kind, gentle & loving with a soft demeanor. Animals & humans take to Hayley without fear of being abused...I recommend you use Nakama Dog Training!"

--Jerri C


"Hayley was great! We laid out some realistic goals for Mocha in the first consult & saw steady progress throughout. Before we began working with Hayley we were resigned to taking our dog back to the shelter. But now we can see a future for our whole family, including Mocha."

--Wayne M.

toy poodle

"Hayley was experienced, professional & exactly what we were looking for in a trainer...she had so many tools to help us better the relationship with our dog & now he's calmer than ever!"

--Eric A.

rescue puppy

"I'm so glad we hired Hayley! She has helped us a bunch with our new fearful rescue pup...we are definitely seeing progress but more importantly, we are learning how to read situations & behaviors & that will help us in the long run!"

--Petra W.

dog with treat

"Hayley is fantastic! She worked with my partner and I in preparation for our puppy. We have a senior dog who is dog aggressive even with puppies & with Hayley's patience and dedication we're making great progress. She was super committed to helping us & even met us to pick up the puppy & make the initial introduction to our senior dog. Highly recommend!"

--Karmen O.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are my answers to questions all dog trainers should be asked. Feel free to contact me if your question isn't answered below!


What training methods do you use?

I employ force-free, scientifically backed training methods. My goal is to keep your dog happy, relaxed and able to learn during a training session by rewarding correct behavior and setting your dog up for success.
I will never use choke chains, prong collars, shock collars, spray collars, shake cans or noise correctors with your dog. I will never shout, shove, pinch, yank, collar pop, alpha roll, "tsst", strike, stare down or otherwise physically intimidate your dog or ask you to do the same.

What training tools do you use?

I mostly use a clicker and high-value food rewards, as well as a 6' leash and flat collar or harness.
I also use a 15' or 20' leash, a decoy dog, toys, crates or gates, puzzle toys, a muzzle or a Furbo camera if the training requires it.

How much experience do you have? What about certifications?

I have worked with dogs since 2005 in multiple capacities, including groups of up to 30 dogs at a time.
I have worked under three force-free trainers, both here in Oregon and in Maine where I moved from in 2015.
I am certified through the CPDT as a Certified Professional Dog Trainer-Knowledge Assessed  and am also a Fear Free Certified Trainer.
I continue to expand my training knowledge through networking, attending seminars and research. Continuing my education is also a requirement for my certifications.
I currently own a Chihuahua mix named Kylo, who is working on anxiety and reactivity issues.

What happens if my dog does something incorrectly?

Depending on what the incorrect response is, the behaviors will either be ignored or your dog will be gently interrupted and redirected into a correct response.
There is always something us humans can do to make success easier for the dog, whether it's changing something we are doing or moving to a less distracting environment. I would adjust as necessary and try again!

Do you guarantee results?

Since all dogs have free will, I cannot 100% guarantee results. Every dog learns differently and their success depends greatly on not just training sessions, but the time, effort and patience put in between sessions as well as the individual learning capacity of each dog. 
What I can guarantee is that if you put in the effort and follow the training exercises, you will see progress.

How long do I need to use rewards?

The possibility of a reward should always be there, but you can eventually fade out rewards so your dog will continue to perform a behavior even if there's no treat in sight.
The length of time will vary for each dog and each training situation, but a general rule is when your dog is 80-90% proficient, you can start to fade out rewards. This will change depending on the difficulty of the behavior and the distraction level of the environment.

How long will training take?

The length of time training takes varies, depending on the behavior being trained, the dog's learning capacity and the effort put into the training.
A dog is being trained its entire life, whether you're in a training session or not!

What breeds have you trained? What breeds will you work with?

I have personally worked with hundreds of dogs of all different breeds, even the "difficult" breeds. From the tiniest Chihuahua to the biggest Mastiff. Though individual dogs have different learning styles they still all are able to learn through force-free training. Breed, or species for that matter, doesn't make a difference!
I am willing to work with any dog of any breed. I love all dogs!


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