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Image by Simon Moog

Pre-Training Evaluation


A pre-training evaluation is required for dogs struggling with fear or aggression issues to make sure my training programs would be a good fit. The evaluation lasts approximately 90 minutes.


The evaluation will cover:

  • Your dog's behavior history

  • Observation of your dog's behavior 

  • Some management and basic training skills to get you started

  • Discussion of prognosis and next steps

Let's Be Friends!


This program consists of seven 45 minute in-home sessions and includes:

  • Introduction to reward-based training and using a clicker

  • Defensive leash handling skills

  • Management skills to set your dog up for success

  • Finding out your dog's triggers, personal space needs and thresholds

  • Focus and calming exercises

  • Redirection and disengagement techniques

  • Advice on calming aids or supplements (if necessary)

  • Proper greetings

  • Muzzle training (if necessary)*

  • A visit to a dog-friendly public space when your dog is ready

Personalized notes and progress reports are included with every session, as well as free help via email or phone during program enrollment.

* For dogs with a bite history, muzzle training is required.


On a budget? Ask about our customizable payment plans!

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