Walk and Chill


Is your dog struggling with their leash manners and can't seem to ever stay still?* Let's walk and chill! This program consists of six one hour in-home sessions, scheduled to fit your needs and includes:


-- Introduction to reward-based training and using a clicker

-- Proper leash handling techniques

-- How to keep your dog calm as you prepare to leave for a walk

-- Focus and relaxation exercises

-- Redirection and disengagement techniques

-- Proper on-leash and off-leash greetings

-- How to stop inappropriate jumping

-- Desensitization to triggering sounds

-- Sit, down and stay cues

-- Mat training

-- How to utilize toys and games to promote relaxation

-- A visit to a dog-friendly public space

Personalized notes and progress reports are included with every session, as well as free help via email or phone during program enrollment.


*This program is designed for non-aggressive and non-fearful dogs. If your dog is struggling with aggressive or fearful behavior, check out our Let's Make Friends! program.