dog sniffing hand

Let's Be Friends!


This program consists of eight 45 minute in-home sessions, scheduled to fit your needs and includes:

--a pre-training evaluation (required)*

-- Introduction to reward-based training and using a clicker

--Defensive leash handling skills

-- Management skills to set your dog up for success

-- Finding out your dog's triggers, personal space needs and thresholds

-- Focus and calming exercises

-- Redirection and disengagement techniques

-- Advice on calming aids or supplements (if necessary)

-- Proper greetings

-- Muzzle training (if necessary)**

-- A visit to a dog-friendly public space when your dog is ready

Personalized notes and progress reports are included with every session, as well as free help via email or phone during program enrollment.

 *Some reactivity and fear issues require a more intensive program through a veterinary behaviorist. Because of this, A $105 in-home evaluation is required before starting the program to determine if this program is right for you and your dog. If you continue with the program, the evaluation will count as the first session and this fee will be incorporated into the total package fee. 

**For dogs with a bite or fight history, muzzle training is required.