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Day Training

$125 per hour

Is life getting in the way of training your dog? Let me work with them for you!

Day Training sessions last 1-3 hours and include: 

  • ​A complimentary phone or Google Meet consultation (waived for returning clients)

  • One-on-one training either in your home or a dog-friendly public space

  • Instruction on any of the following: basic obedience, crate training, appropriate play, polite behaviors, socialization, leash manners, resource guarding, recall, relaxation and impulse control, dog reactivity, desensitization to handling, desensitization to triggering sights and sounds, and more!*

  • Play breaks or naps if your dog needs them

  • Video and photo progress when available 

Personalized notes and progress reports are included with every session, as well as free help via email or phone during program enrollment.

NOTE: For your dog's long-term success with their training, it's imperative that you continue to practice with your dog in between their sessions with me.

*Dogs that are fearful or aggressive with strangers are ineligible for day training at this time.

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